Your Everyday account is an e-money wallet that enables your day-to-day spending since it is linked to your ikigai Visa Debit card. With this account, you are able to track and categorise your payments, and it’s a great way to keep track of your budget and how you are spending your money.

The nest account serves as a normal savings account, it's great because it is not linked to your debit card. So it's easy to separate your everyday spending from the money you are trying to put away to build up cash savings that you can use for larger purchases, unexpected costs, or a rainy day fund. But, if you do find you need a bit of extra cash it's easily accessible instead of having to send money in between accounts. The Nest also has a feature called the money splitter that will prompt you to actively choose whether to split any deposits >£100 between your ikigai accounts, to give you full control and visibility.

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