To make a complaint, please tap the Help tab in your app to contact Personal Assistance. If you prefer, you can email your complaint to us at, or mail it to:

Ikigai Invest Services Ltd

The Harley Building

77 New Cavendish Street

London W1W 6XB


Once we receive your complaint, we will look into this right away. We have - eight weeks to produce what is formally referred to as our “final response”, but will of course endeavour to resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

Once this is complete, you may also make your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman by phone at 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123, or by mail at:

Financial Ombudsman Service,

Exchange Tower,


E14 9SR

We very much appreciate your feedback, as it helps us to continue improving our services for you and others.

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